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What will I get with my membership?

We will create and host your professional portfolio showing your artwork to a growing community of art lovers, collectors and buyers from around the globe. They all will be able to personally contact you with any propositions to buy your artwork or inviting you to a special event. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes.You can cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked. Once you have cancelled, your entire portfolio will be deleted within the next 24 to 72 hours. 

Can I get a refund?

No. After we create and publish your profile with your artwork, you can cancel your membership at anytime but no refund will be given.  

Do you mark sold artwork as "Sold" or do you eliminate that artwork from the artist portfolio?

We can do either. Once we are informed of a piece being sold we can mart it so  (recommended) or have it removed. It is solely the artist´s preference.  We strongly encourage you to share with us your sale in order for us to celebrate with you and be able to relay the most acurate information on to others.

How much can I charge for my artwork?

Individual artist determines his/her own prices. Your sales always remain yours.

What percentage does the gallery take from each sale?

The Refined Savage Art Gallery will not take or request any percentage of your sales. All money transactions are conducted between you (the artist) and the buyer. 

What about if I wish to add more images to my portfolio?

We will be happy to place as many images as you wish to your professional portfolio at any time. You may pay $5 extra for each additional image. 

We recommend showing as many images you are willing to show, specially if you are wanting sales. 

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